The EU – China zone

The existence of the euro-zone has greatly simplified travel across many European borders; ECTY representatives and All in Pay are discussing the possibilities of working together to provide analogous easement to travellers between the EU and China. The members of the EU All in Pay Business Partnership department and Assistant President Zhengweihua met with the ECTY leadership to explain how All in Pay functions and how the two entities could work together to further the ECTY mission.

Thanks to QR codes, All in Pay provides an easy way for Chinese travellers to use their usual modes of payment in Europe and for European travellers in China to do the same. All in Pay is specialised in cross-border payment solutions, including fund transfer, online and mobile payments, and merchant card acceptance services.

Putting mobile payment within reach especially of smaller suppliers and individual travellers could revolutionise business for the first and experiences for the latter; when the barriers of having enough cash in the correct currency vanish, even the smallest business can prosper with an international clientele.