Swarovski Crystal Worlds



The Crystal Cloud of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds was illuminated in the colours of the Chinese flag.

Swarovski has had a history of tradition and success since the family-owned company was founded in 1895. Today, the fascination commanded by crystal is greater than ever. To respond to this large interest, Swarovski created Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds) in 1995, a place where crystal becomes a complete experience. Since then, this world of fantasy has delivered moments of wonder to more than 13 million visitors. It is a mix of art and culture, entertainment and shopping. There are various attractions for all ages, for fans of crystal and connoisseurs of art, all of which makes Swarovski Crystal Worlds unique in the entire world.

Daniel Swarovski, who founded his crystal-cutting company in Wattens/Tyrol in 1895, had a vision from the very outset: to regard crystal not merely as a material, but as an inspiration. Multimedia artist André Heller created a world of wonder to celebrate Swarovski’s hundredth anniversary in 1995. Renowned names from art and design have interpreted crystal in their own way, turning the sparkling material into a concept of experience and space – the Chambers of Wonder in Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The underlying principle of the Chambers is based on the historical chamber of wonder at Ambras Castle, a sixteenth-century attempt to assemble a universal collection of all knowledge at the time.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds has become famous around the world, also because of its singular appearance: the head of the Giant, visible from afar. In line with the idea of the company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski, Swarovski Crystal Worlds is constantly reinventing and developing itself: On the 120th anniversary of Swarovski, the world of crystalline art was supplemented with a poetic garden and a unique Crystal Cloud. This offers an abundance of space for further brilliantly staged installations. The fascinating product worlds of Swarovski, culinary delights, and the year-round events calendar give eloquent testimony to over twenty years of diverse history at Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

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March 2, 2018 - March 3, 2018


Wattens, Austria