EU China Tourism Year 2018 Participates in biggest Chinese Travel Fairs (CITM-PET)

China International Travel Mart (CITM) , one of the largest trade fairs in the Asia-Pacific region with 2,245 display booths from 107 countries and regions, took place in Shanghai 16 – 18 November. The EU China Tourism Year 2018 (ECTY) participated with a booth showcasing 11 European co-exhibitors. Display booths from China included all-in-one tourism, red tourism and specialties from different destinations. The event included dancing, singing and intangible cultural heritage performances, as well as interactive games for buyers and audience members to win prizes.

On 15 November Partnerships in European Tourism (PET) held a day long event on the influence of films and television on the travel destination choices of Chinese travelers. Analysis of online activity among Chinese visitors by the European Travel Commission has shown that film and TV shows drive travel decisions, playing a crucial role in those decisions. After a welcome address by Tom Jenkins, CEO, ETOA and an introduction by Anna Athanasopoulou, Head of Unit – for Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries, the conference analyzed the latest trends in film tourism, what pitfalls to avoid and what opportunities to use. Among the speakers was Štěpán Pavlik, director of Czech Tourism China Shanghai who described the dramatic boost in the number of Chinese tourists in Prague following the release and subsequent number one box office position in China of Chinese movie “Somewhere Only We Know” which was shot in Prague’s Old Town and medieval district. Several other speakers showcased various ways of developing cine-tourism.

Following the conference there was an afternoon of matchmaking events between tourism businesses and stakeholders.