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Yes. Prior to starting the application form, you are asked to create a user account. After completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your application form. Your application form is associated with the email address that you entered during your registration. This allows you to save and continue your application at your convenience. Note that the progress on each page of the form (there are 3 pages in total) will only be saved when the “Next” or “Back” buttons at the bottom of the page are clicked. To retrieve your application form, simply click on the link in your registration confirmation email.

As stated in section 4.4 of the call for proposals, funding may be awarded for an action which has already begun, provided you can demonstrate the need to start the action before an agreement with the ETC is signed. In such case, costs eligible for financing may not have been incurred prior to the date of submission of your proposal, which must be submitted by midnight on 2 July 2018 at the latest. Therefore, costs incurred in July/early August 2018 might receive funding as long as you can justify it in your proposal.

As stated in section 3.2 item C of the call for proposals, applicant entities established in Norway might be eligible for financial support. Note that the proposal must demonstrate why the involvement of those applicants is necessary in view of the nature of the proposed action and in order to achieve its objective.

Entities from Montenegro and Serbia are eligible as both countries are part of the COSME programme.

Education institutions are not eligible entities.

Municipalities are eligible entities as long as they act as a DMO. Please see 3.1. Eligible Entities.

A consortium comprised of only third countries COSME programme does not meet the selection criteria. As stated in section 3.3. of the call for proposals, the consortium must comprise a minimum of two entities from at least two different EU member states, one of which will act as the consortium coordinator.

Applicant entities established in countries different from those eligible for financial support may still be part of a consortium, as stated in section 3.2 of the call for proposals. Their contribution to the promotional campaign, however, will not be taken into account for determining the amount of financial support awarded to the consortium, as stated in section 4.2, regardless of the nature of their contribution.

Applicant entities established in China can be part of a consortium and participate in the promotional campaign. However, they are not eligible to receive financial support and their contribution to the campaign will not be taken into account for determining the amount of financial support awarded to the consortium.

There are no specific requirements or limitations regarding visibility of partners of your consortia. Regarding publicity, you are required to give prominence to the official ECTY logo (available for download here) as well as the name and emblem of the European Union (available here).

Yes. The financial eligibility criteria refers to the annual budget for not for profit entities, public entities and/or entities with public participation.

No. As stated in section 4.2 of the call for proposals, the consortium (as a whole) is expected to match ETC financial contribution at least.

ETC financial contribution will cover eligible costs up to a maximum amount of EUR 60.000 per eligible party of the consortium. Please note that the eligible costs should not be equal to the entire value of the promotional campaign.

The maximum ETC financial contribution per eligible party is EUR 60 000. Parties can contribute a lower amount, as long as the total value of the contribution of all parties of the consortium as a whole adds up to a minimum of EUR 100 000.

As stated in section 4.2 of the call for proposals, consortia are expected, at least, to match ETC financial contribution. You can opt to match that contribution financially or via other eligible or non-eligible costs. Staff costs are an eligible cost (see 4.3.1. Eligible direct costs).

The consortium as a whole is expected to match ETC financial contribution at least.

The only flat rate applicable is “indirect costs” of 7% on the total amount. Project Management can be included as a personnel cost, with assigned number of working hours. Please note that you will be required to provide time sheets in order to proof the working hours for that staff member.

ETC envisages that it will take approximately 30 calendar days to complete the awarding process, that is by early August 2018.

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