Chinese pillar of the EU-China Light Bridge


The EU pillar of the Light Bridge was built on the occasion of the Lantern Festival at the end of February and beginning of March. Starting with the Brussels Grand Place, around 66 sites in Europe in 18 countries were illuminated in red.
The Chinese pillar was built on the occasion of Europe Day on 9 May. More than 30 major sites throughout China participated, including the Great Wall and the Imperial Summer Palace.

List of the sites illuminated in blue:

  1. Beijing Badaling Great Wall
  2. Beijing Summer Palace
  3. Beijing Bird’s Nest
  4. Beijing Water Cube
  5. Beijing Olympic Tower
  6. Longwan Camping Park Beijing
  7. Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier
  8. Tianjin Panshan
  9. Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  10. Tiger Beach, Dalian, Liaoning
  11. Liaoning golden stone beach
  12. Suzhou Lingering Garden, Jiangsu
  13. Suzhou Huqiu Mountain, Jiangsu
  14. Suzhou Tiger Hill Jianchi
  15.  Jiangsu Jinji Lake
  16. People’s Republic of China Level Zero Point Qingdao
  17. Taierzhuang Ancient City, Shandong
  18. Tengzhou Weishan Lake Honghe Wetland Scenic Area
  19. Shandong Penglai Pavilion Scenic Area
  20. Luoyang Daimei Scenic Area
  21. Hangzhou Train Station
  22. Hu Bei Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower (main venue) and its two rivers and four shores
  23. Yichang Tian Ran Tower
  24. Hometown of Quyuan, Hubei
  25. Yangtze River Three Gorge Cruise, Hubei
  26. Shenzhen Splendid China, Guangdong
  27. Shenzhen Happy Valley, Guangdong
  28. The Window of the World, Shenzhen, Guangdong
  29. CCEC in Chengdu
  30. Daguanlou, Kunming, Yunnan Province
  31. Huaqing Pool, Shaanxi
  32. Sun Island Scenic Area in Harbin
  33. Guangzhou Tower
  34. Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area
  35. Candidate: Henan Jiaozuo Qingtian River Scenic Area


May 9, 2018 - May 9, 2018


Various Locations, China